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University Research Partner,  Quantum Computing For Finance

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  • QuantFi seeks a collaborative relationship with an existing university PhD researcher working in the field of quantum computing for finance.

  • In collaboration with QuantFi, University Research Partner will design an academic programme intended to advance state-of-the-art research in quantum computing for finance.

  • University Research Partner will lead research activities in fundamental and applied research leading to the development of quantum computing software for financial service clients in North America, Europe and Asia.

  • University Research Partner will assist in recruiting potential PhD candidates and PhD fellows in the field of quantum computing for finance and help establish funded studentships with financial support from QuantFi or QuantFi institutional clients.

  • QuantFi will assist University Research Partner in the founding of a start-up business alongside QuantFi as an equity partner. QuantFi will deliver the business setup and handle day-to-day administration while the University Research Partner will dedicate themself to research and related responsibilities. University Research Partner and QuantFi will collaborate on research topics, potential client use cases and software applications. University Research Partner and QuantFi will share any intellectual property (IP) created.

Job Location:

  • At the discretion of the University Research Partner or at an agreed-upon location within the international quantum ecosystem including the EU, UK, North America and Asia.

Scope of Research:


  • With support from a team of research scientists, investigate problems in Finance that could be solved by quantum computing prototypes and algorithms using near-term or long-term quantum computing technology.

  • Possible collaboration with researchers at other university labs or private companies.

  • Possible collaboration with hardware manufacturers.

  • Investigate future topics requiring further research.


  • Current PhD Researcher in Quantum Computing or Visiting Scholar.

  • Research management experience with particular experience working with recent PhD graduates and current PhD students.

  • Critical experience would include working in a lead research lab position with concentration in quantum computing software applications.

  • Interest in applying quantum algorithms to solve real-world problems.

  • Specialty in Finance preferred.

  • History of published academic work in quantum computing preferred.

  • Experience in programming quantum computers (e.g. IBM Qiskit).

  • Professional proficiency in English.

  • Sponsorship of visas/work permits for non-EU candidates will be considered.